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Lyxigt kaffelagrad Imperial Stout från Equilibrium!

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Dekadent Imperial Kaffe Stout från Equilibrium, ojligt trögflytande och lagrad på massor av härligt espressokaffe. Choklad och kaffe i fin harmoni.

“Rho (11%), our imperial coffee stout. In Science, the symbol most often used for density is ρ (the lowercase Greek letter Rho).

We used the Rho grain bill to create a stout with a dense mouthfeel and a dialed back bitterness. To help elevate this into a coffee stout, we conditioned it on Mostra Ghost Bear espresso blend coffee.

Rho pours jet black with a saturated caramel colored head. Aromas and flavors of dark chocolate cake and deep caramel are at the forefront with a touch of complex stone fruit and a lingering just brewed coffee backbone.

Balanced by a light bitterness, this decadent imperial stout finishes silky, creamy, and viscous.”

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Imperial Coffee Stout

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Equilibrium Brewery, USA