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Austin är en Farmhouse Ale framtagen genom iden att man ska dela öl med de personer som står en närmst. Det är en ljus, syrlig, delikat och komplex öl med en härligt dos funk! Ölen är ofiltrerad, opastöriserad, naturligt kosyrlig och kommer fortsätta sin utveckling över tiden i flaskan.”People have asked over the years why hasn’t there been a base Austin? The answer simply is it hasn’t been ready yet. It plays well with fruit and oak, but it hasn’t been ready as a standalone. Like our stouts, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create a reproducible process that produces a beautiful and elegant farmhouse ale that is dry, slightly tart, full of flavor, and super drinkable. The interplay of our slow souring process, its respective microorganisms, hops, bitterness, gravity manipulation, and minerality has been through countless iterations over the years from different engines of Casey, Fruited Austin, TABA, DH TABA, and we’re pleased to announce that after years of RnD we finally have it dialed in and base Austin is ready. This ale while deceptively simple is one of our largest accomplishments to date. Austin has a similar elegant acidity of our recent DH TABAs, similar final gravity, but uses completely different microorganisms for fermentation, different hops, and hop process.”

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